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In addition to teaching online, I offer a number of services to a wide variety of corporate and educational clients.  This ranges from small WordPress installations to help friends and clients get online, instructional design work to help develop online, offline, and hybrid courses, delivering professional development to teachers, to consulting for unique or larger needs.

15 Minute Free Consultation:

I want to help you achieve your goals.  If you are looking to transition into teaching online, develop an online presence, build an online course, or have a larger instructional technology or distance education initiative in mind we can schedule a 15-minute skype call where we can review your goals and get you pointed in the right direction.

WordPress Website:

I can create a basic WordPress website using your own domain name.  This can help you get started immediately with your online presence and serve as a starting place.  With a basic three-page website you can share your blog posts, your videos, a portfolio of your work, or leave it as a brochure site so who look for you won’t find an empty space.  Whatever you want to use your website for a basic WordPress site will allow you to learn and grow as needed while giving you the flexibility of finding freelancers at or to help your site grow.

Professional Development Workshops:

Over the years I have given a wide variety of EdTech and Libary Media professional development workshops.  I can work with you to develop a custom day of workshops for your faculty to fit their needs.  I am also in the process of bringing past workshops online as “on-demand” professional development in the form of asynchronous workshops and courses.

Instructional Design:

Are you looking to develop an online course, or take an existing course and shift it online in whole or in part?  The process of designing, developing, and delivering instructional materials can be daunting. I am here to support and help articulate your vision of a course.  There are various instructional design models but the majority are based on the ADDIE model which includes Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation phases. We can work together through each of the phases so that your online course can be the most effective course for your students.


I offer consulting services in a variety of areas.  If you would like to work with me on one of my areas of expertise we can schedule a time to talk.  My consulting practice focuses on:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructional Design
  • Distance Education
  • Literacy Education
  • Instructional Media
  • Instructional Technology

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